A Warm HELLO !!!

Visiting Sri Lanka for your Holiday?
You have made one of the best decisions, which will never let you regret about.

This medium sized beautiful tropical Island located in the Indian Ocean has much more to offer you. A country blessed with 12 hours of day time and 12 hours of night time throughout all 365 days starts impressing it’s visitors by the warm welcome and the great hospitality. From the moment you land on the soil of Sri Lanka, you will realize how friendly this smiling nation is.
You will be amazed with the lush green surrounding and the unspoiled nature all over the country. Unmatched bio diversity is one of the main reasons for this island to be on the top among any other destination.
Do not forget to add one or few safari tours at National parks to experience the wild life at their best. Beautiful waterfalls, Landscaping and sky high mountain tips will offer you the best views to remember for life time. Have you heard about the most beautiful beaches of the world? Yes. You are at the right place. Surfing, Kite surfing, Whale Watching, Dolphin watching, Diving, Scuba Diving, and more importantly for relaxation Sri Lanka has got the idea beaches for each purpose.
A nation cultured with a history over 2500 years has many more things to offer if you are person who loves culture, traditions, history and religious places.
Not forgetting the scenic train journeys which are rated among the best train journeys of the world. If you are a person who loves adventure and thrilling experiences, there are many activities to suit you. You must have heard that Sri Lanka produces the world’s finest tea and spices. You can get some hands on experiences into these industries by making visits to tea plantations, spice grows etc during your time in Sri Lanka.
The huge variety of food items are something you should not miss out during your visit to Sri Lanka. You will enjoy the full range from street food to star class fine dining. If you are an enthusiast of night life and shopping, Sri Lanka has options for you too.

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